OVERWERK Back 2018


OVERWERK continues to establish himself as a musical and artistic heavyweight. Despite being independent in an industry driven by corporate interest, OVERWERK’s unrelenting sound has only bolstered his international following.

After touring globally, OVERWERK spent time off the circuit working on his debut opus, State. A bold departure from his established electro style, State demonstrates a dynamic range infrequently found in the dance music world. With a clear focus on artistry and not trends, this debut album is an expertly crafted experience. - State is a deep-rooted achievement, best understood through headphones or speakers.

Commercially, OVERWERK’s innovative compositions are highly sought after. His compositions have been licensed by hundreds of companies, leading to a wide variety of collaborative projects. With a strong presence in the fashion and entertainment communities, it’s no surprise his music has been placed with brands such as Chanel, Vogue, Gucci and Lamborghini.

Additional to satisfying the ears of listeners, OVERWERK still finds time to expand his artistic prowess. Between producing, scoring and touring, OVERWERK’s visual creations and artworks are praised among fine-art circles. With consensus from creative directors to gallery curators, OVERWERK’s artistic ability is as undeniable as his music.